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[MOD POST] Welcome!

Hello and welcome to K&M - the Knives/Milly community of Livejournal. Naturally, knowledgable Trigun fans realise just how crack a pairing these two are - do they even meet, ever? And then there's the Wolfwood ordeal. Yes. Quite crack. HOWEVER! I actually take K/M quite seriously ^^; They're a major aspect in my fic Stray Shots (which, really, has been rather dead for quite some time.. I'm getting back to it now, though >>;), which I've written, in my opinion, reasonably in-character. Yes. Truly. ^^;. Of course, with the level of crack in mind, the ideal of this community is really spoof. Ahumm.

Knives/Milly being as thinly supported as it is, the comm will be open to all posts Trigun-related, though preferably, let's try and limit it to topics Knives and/or Milly related as much as possible, mmm'kay?

Being a parody comm, all nature of posts are welcome, but please post all images/entries over a paragraph or two under a cut. Anything explicit also requires a warning of some description. But whatever. At this point the comm may as well be non-existent. Go for your life.
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