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Holocaust on a Hairpin Trigger.

Hi, there. I'm a bit of a n00b to the community (the most I've done so far here, in fact, is vote for my favorite Trigun character and comment on the pretty banner) and so I wanted to make it so that my first real post, well, stood out. So without further ado, I offer up a holiday-themed drabble (with slight, slight indications in the direction of Knives/Millie — hooray!).

After Vash's fight with Knives and before his subsequent reformation, Millie had made it a habit of praying over the little group's meal each Thanksgiving. While Knives surely didn't appreciate her efforts — he concluded every prayer with something to the effect of "the Creator's just begging me to wipe your damned kind out" — he did agree to eat the turkey that she and Meryl had slaved over for nearly two days.

Now it was Thanksgiving once again, and after Vash had been customarily handled by Meryl for trying to eat the pumpkin pie and little Nikki had settled down long enough to sit at the table and smile toothily and Knives had brought his spiel against humanity to an untimely close, Millie opened the meal with prayer.

"Dear God," she began with that usual angelic smile that warmed Vash and Meryl's heart and made Knives turn to thoughts of homicide. "We thank You for this day and this gathering. We know that You have a special purpose for each of us" — here she looked pointedly at Vash's brother — "and that You will help us find a way to fulfill them. That said ...

"We thank You that Sempai finally confessed her love for Mister Vash, and that they are now a happily married couple."

Meryl turned three shades of red, before accepting a kiss from the aforementioned object of her affections.

"We thank You that my delivery went off without a hitch, and that little Nikki sits at this table before us alive and well. I'm sure Mister Priest had a hand in this, as well!"

Millie grew quiet then, and faced Knives with an expression of grief and acceptance; the unremorseful Plant had, after all, indirectly engineered her lover's death. Just the same, Millie refused to show hatred. After intimating her gratitude for a few other things — among them the chocolate pudding dessert that awaited them — she reached out and took Knives' hand.

The Plant recoiled, first in disgust, then in genuine discomfit. What did this spider think she was doing, showing him kindness? Didn't she detest him for trying to destroy her race on more than one occasion?

"Finally," Millie said, her eyes growing moist and her voice deep with conviction, "we thank You that Mister Vash didn't kill his brother. Otherwise, he would never be able to enjoy our company or this wonderful meal we are about to eat."

Then, her seriousness disappearing as rapidly as it had manifested, she added cheerfully: "Oh, and thank You that Mister Knives hasn't destroyed the human race and stuff!"

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